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9 Benefits of Having a Business Newsletter

29 August, 2017 | Website Design Dublin

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  Are you thinking of creating a newsletter for your business? Not sure if it’s worth the investment of your time and energy? Here are 10 benefits for why you should have a business newsletter.

 1. Keeping your business communication lines open

Having a regular newsletter keeps your communication lines open for new, current and past customers. It’s an opportunity for you to share business updates with your audience. Business updates can include any changes in your business, new staff, new product, specials or sales, coming events or key date reminders.

2. Gentle reminder to customers

Regularly sending newsletters such as fortnightly or monthly. If you’re retail store you may elect to send your newsletter more frequently, such as daily or weekly depending on what stock variety you have and what key information you want to communicate with your customers. Keeping your newsletters consistent, in terms of days and times, is a gentle reminder to audience that your business is there for them.

3. Help builds your relationship with customers

Regular newsletters enable customers to feel they are part of your ‘family’, this can help build your relationship with customers. This can also provide opportunities for you to seek feedback or input from customers at any point in time should you need it.

4. Increases brand awareness

Ensuring your newsletter is branded to your business colours and style, enables you to build your brand awareness. The bigger your business grows the more people we recognise your branding.

5. Your business marketing tool

Continually putting your business name in front of your audience helps ensure that you stay in business. Your newsletter another low cost marketing tool. Remember those on your database actually subscribed to receive your updates.

6. Opportunity to position yourself as an expert

Using your newsletter to share valuable information with your audience, enables you to position yourself as an industry expert.

7. Constant opportunity to convert sales

By constantly sharing updates and information about your services, you have increase chances of converting sales for your business.

8. Passive Income

A newsletter gives you an opportunity to add content that might be associated with an affiliate link you have, therefore creating some passive income opportunities.

9. Your subscriber database is YOURS

Whilst is great having social media to share your business content, what happens if they closed down tomorrow? If you were solely relying on them, you would have lost access instantly to all your audience. By growing your database, you are not relying on external companies to keep your audience actively listening.